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Wildlife XP 10x44


The Wildlife XP is our best optic for observing nature and wildlife. Ultra-high-definition optics ground from fluoride glass produce extraordinary detail and light transmission throughout the entire visible spectrum. The optical system produces an exceptionally wide field of view and true color fidelity for breathtaking views of birds and wildlife in their natural habitat.

The combination of HD optics, compact, ergonomic design, wide field-of-view and low-light performance makes it ideal for naturalists and birders.

  • Magnification 10x
  • Weight 29.3 oz
  • Width 5 in.
  • Height 7.4 in.


  • 2303: New in packaging with all accessories, but discontinued. 
  • A2303-I: Grade I, see details
  • A2303-II: Grade II, see details
  • A5438-I: Grade I, Wildlife XP 8x24, see details
  • A5438-III: Grade III, Wildlife XP 8x24, see details

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