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Nighthunter XP 10x56


Features light-gathering objectives and the magnification to judge points or mass at shooting distance and track game at long range

You often get your best results at day’s edge, when prey feels camouflaged by early sun or growing darkness. The light enhancing design of Nighthunter XP binoculars unlocks the shadows they hide in, giving you clear game-spotting vision in dim light. In full light, it lets you peer deeper into darkened woods, revealing sign and quarry that other binoculars miss. Nighthunter XP binoculars are especially valued by eastern whitetail hunters who still-hunt and western elk hunters who cover lots of ground.

  • Magnification 10x
  • Weight 43.2 oz
  • Width 6.1
  • Height 7.9

5561 - New in packaging, but discontinued. 
A5561-I - Grade I - New without original packaging with all accessories.

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