ShadowQuest 8x56 Binoculars – Steiner

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ShadowQuest 8x56 Binoculars


These are not only the best light-transmitting binoculars Steiner has ever made,  they lead the industry in light transmission. It means that low light situations will be brighter and clearer than with any other binoculars.  

Steiner's ShadowQuest are porro prism design, which means no focusing is necessary: everything from 66 feet to infinity is always sharp and clear.

The features go beyond light transmission though. Steiner's Diamond Night™ lens coatings keep things clear, and the extremely wide field of view means you can scan large amounts of land.

These are a favorite with hunters looking to spot game in low light situations, but have also proven their worth with birdwatchers and border patrol agents. 


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