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Steiner Peregrine Binoculars


Finding, following and identifying requires a specialized balance of power, clarity, color and comfort. Here it is.

Phase coated high-contrast optics provide bright, true color, sharp 3D images, and exceptionally fine detail for positive identification.

Distance Control System lets you pre-set focus at a known distance, for a fast, clear view you can fine-tune with a quick wheel turn.

Fast-Close Focus delivers a razor-sharp image as close as 2 yards, letting you use a single optic for clear viewing at virtually any distance.

There are four sizes available:

  • #2050 - 8x42 magnifies everything 8 times.
  • #2054 - 8x32 magnifies everything 8 times.
  • #2051 - 10x42 magnifies everything 10 times.
  • #2055 - 10x32 magnifies everything 10 times.


  • 2050 - New in packaging with all accessories.
  • A2050-I (Grade I) - see details.
  • 2051 - New in packaging with all accessories.
  • 2054 - New in packaging with all accessories.
  • A2054-I (Grade I) - see details.
  • 2055 - New in packaging with all accessories.
  • A2055-I (Grade I) - see details.

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