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Commander XP 7x50


In extreme conditions, you have to commit yourself 100% to your boat and crew in order to conquer the challenges of sudden gales and heavy seas. And your years of experience have taught you that the precision and reliability of your instruments are absolutely vital. That’s why you don’t compromise when choosing your equipment. Steiner developed the Commander XP using all our experience gleaned from years of manufacturing binoculars. By listening to the best skippers in the world, Steiner has developed a pair of binoculars which ideally meets the demands of any sailor.

<--break->Ideal for passengers or shore trips, for smaller boats or for consoles with little space

  • Magnification 7x
  • Weight 38 oz
  • Width 8"
  • Height 6"


  • 295 - New in packaging with all accessories, but discontinued. 
  • A295-I (Grade I) - New without original packaging with all accessories.
  • A2951-I (Grade I) - with wooden box- see details.
  • A295I-II (Grade II)- with wooden box - see details.
  • A295I-III (Grade III) - with wooden box - see details.

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