GS3 2-10x42 Riflescope – Steiner

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GS3 2-10x42 Riflescope


The Steiner GS3 “game sensing” scope utilizes exclusive CAT (color adjusted transmission) lens coatings to amplify contrast in the peak human vision sensitivity range.

The optimized contrast effectively separates game from leafy or shadow-dappled backgrounds, exposing your target to a clean, accurate shot.

The 2-10x model provides a compact scope with a range that extends both sides of the classic 3-9x scope. The 2x lower range of this scope provides clear field of view for a very wide range while the top end 10x magnification allows most shooters to go to very long distances.

Your choice of the Plex S1 reticle or the 4A reticle.


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