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M8Xi 1-8x24


Based on the outstanding success of the M5Xi - used today by Special Forces around the globe - Steiner sets a new benchmark with the ultimate DMR (Designated Marksman Riflescope) M8Xi 1-8x24 with an 8x zoom and an outstanding field of view (4.8-34.2 m at 100 m).

The 8x zoom gives the operator more flexibility and a higher resolution from close quarter to mid-range scenarios while the large field of view and the outstanding optical quality create a perfect overview of the surroundings at all times.

The new M8Xi 1-8x24 has been designed to resist the toughest conditions, and is covered by the Heritage warranty.


  • 8723: DMR8i (CCW, black), new in packaging.
  • 8723-R: DMR8i, refurbished, see details.
  • 8723-B: DMR8i (CCW, black), blemished, see details.
  • 8724 (discontinued): DMR8i (CCW, coyote brown), new in packaging.
  • 8724-B: DMR8i (CCW, coyote brown), blemished, see details.

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