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Floating Neck Strap


Steiner's marine binoculars don't mind getting wet - but you don't want to drop them overboard!

Unless they're sporting this floating strap, that is. The high density foam keeps them from sinking even in the roughest water, and the high visibility yellow makes them easy to see and retrieve.

The patented ClicLoc System attaches to your Steiner binoculars with an easy snap: just like fastening your seat belt, making it incredibly easy to switch between neck straps.

  • Item Number 76803 - ClicLoc tabs. Fits Navigator Pro, Commander and Global Commander (with or without compass)
  • Item Number 76804 - ClicLoc tabs. Fits Navigator Pro 7x30 models only (with or without compass
  • Item Number 769 - ClicLoc tabs. Fits Commander XP (solid yellow float strap with no black stripe)
  • Item Number 768 - No ClicLoc.  Fits many models of binoculars using universal straps (solid yellow float strap with no black stripe).