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OTAL stands for Offset Tactical Aiming Laser. It mounts behind the front sight on M-4 style rifles, and the laser is offset to project around the front sight.

 The compact design minimizes weight and the low profile makes it easy to mount in front of scopes, holographic sights or night-vision devices.

  • Visible red laser
  • Weight 4.9 oz.
  • Submersible to 5 meters


  • 9052 - green laser, new in packaging.
  • 9052-B - green laser, blemished, see details
  • 9053-R - red laser, reconditioned, see details
  • 9055 - red laser, new in packaging.
  • 9055-B - red laser, blemished, see details
  • 9055-R - red laser, refurbished, see details
  • 9056 - IR laser, new in packaging.
  • 9056-B - IR laser, blemished, see details
  • 9056-R - IR laser, reconditioned, see details

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