T1028 Tactical Binoculars – Steiner

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T1028 Tactical Binoculars


The Steiner Tactical series has 8x and 10x models, both available here on Steiner's factory direct store.

These 10x Tactical Binoculars give quite a bit more magnification than their smaller 8x brother model, but the 28mm objective end keeps the overall size and weight down. That means these are still small enough to stash into consoles and glove boxes, as well as packs, pockets and gear bags.

The Tactical line of binoculars is designed to be tough enough to stand up to the incredibly heavy and abusive life that line-of-duty professionals put their gear through.

  • Magnification 10x
  • Weight 12.7 oz
  • Width 5.1
  • Height 4.6


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