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P4Xi 1-4x24


The P4Xi riflescope is a compact, tactical optic that is ideal for patrol rifles and AR platforms. This scope features a proven and versatile 4x zoom system with a true 1x that is perfect for close-quarters engagements and 400-yard accuracy at the highest magnification.

High-contrast optics deliver outstanding results under poor light conditions. Steiner’s P3TR illuminated reticle is quick pointing and offers 11 levels of illumination for day or night operations.


  • 5201-B: 1x-4x24mm P4Xi  P3TR, blemished, see details.
  • 5201-R: 1x-4x24mm P4Xi  P3TR, reconditioned, see details.
  • 5202: Plex S7, new in packaging.
  • 5202-B: Plex S7, blemished, see details.
  • 5202-R: Plex S7, reconditioned, see details.
  • 5204: V2, G1 Reticle, new in packaging.
  • 5204-B: V2, G1 Reticle, blemished, see details.

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