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T1042 Tactical Binoculars


The Steiner Optics reputation for combat-worthy performance, toughness and dependability was earned the hard way: in battlefield and tac ops situations around the world. These tactical binoculars reflect hard-won experience with features, ergonomics and visual excellence that are unsurpassed anywhere, and rugged reliability that can survive anything. Whether you need a pocket-sized compact for your gear bag or a full-sized model to spot for your shooter, the Tactical Series will serve you well.

10x power and bright image perfect for sniper/spotters, border surveillance, patrol car optics, and tactical ops whether day or night.

  • Magnification 10x
  • Weight 26.4 oz
  • Width 4.9
  • Height 6.6


  • 2005 - no reticle, new in packaging with all accessories.
  • A2005-III (Grade III) - no reticle, see details.
  • A2006-I (Grade I) - see details.
  • A6506-I (Grade I) - no reticle, see details.
  • A6506-II (Grade II) - no reticle, see details

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